dinsdag, december 12, 2006

results of the BIG FINAL for Benelux title

What a strange day! My highest qualification (3rd!) but my first Twin Drift Battle I fucked up. It
has to be a blackout, I passed my opponent 4 times, but every time I spun at the last corner. When I used the handbrake I forget twice to push the clutch and one time the handbrake didn't release, because I forgot to release the button. The victory was so close, but I really still don't know what went wrong. Anyway, some small succes, I became 2nd in the Sideways Challenge with Olaf Commijs on the first place but even more important, the Benelux Champ of 2006 Remmo Niezen became 3rd, so that give some confidence for the future. The final was between Vincent Verschueren and my good friend Vernon Zwanenveld. Vincent won, well deserved, but I was very happy for Vernon. Good job mate!

This evening I have to groups for the driftkarting so for sure I will drift some frustrating away. And this Saturday I go to Germany for giving driftlessons to a bit more experienced drifters, so life will go on.

woensdag, december 06, 2006

speed & design