woensdag, juni 20, 2007

new engine for the Carperformance Skyline

Due to a broken oil pump last weekend the engine blew up during the practice for Japan vs. Germany Battle. Carperformance decided to buy a new engine, a RB26. This engine has 2 turbo's and Carperformance will built this engine into the Skyline after the demo's at International Tuningshow in Ciney Expo. The specs of this engine will folow.

Since mondag I am at Circuit Zolder where we have 4 day's in a row a driftincentive. Every day we have to take about 50 people into the drifttaxi. We have great fun! Xtreme Drift invited also Tim Tatje, Jo Lammens and Vincent van Hamme.

This Friday we have driftschool again at Circuit Zolder, so a busy drifting week!

maandag, juni 11, 2007

Again bad luck!

And again I had bad luck. Last weekend during the drifting at Autovisie Time Attack the organisation decided to give the third place away, instead of let me drift the Battle for Third and this time the judges made a mistake and give me 86 points instead of the well deserved 96 points! After the Japan vs. Germany the judges appoligised for the mistake, but offcourse to late and I had invited some interested sponsors.

On Saturday the bearings were gone in the red Carperformance Skyline and lucky enough Carperformance worked the whole evening at the green Stickerland Skyline, so I was capable to drift the Stickerland Skyline with the injectors from the Carperformance Skyline. Anyway, for the Battle of 32 I won the first battle from Berend van Berkel. For the 1/8 finale I had to battle with Kees Kok, but the engine was running on 5 cylinders, so I had to back off. A pity, because Kees never won from me.......

The event was great, super track, fantastic show by the foreign drifters from Pro Drift, a big crowd and very nice atmosphere. At the end of the day I did about 20 drifttaxi tickets and also 2 young kids, which was really good fun. It's great to bring so much happyness with my hobby!

zaterdag, juni 09, 2007

Japan vs. Germany, Twin Drift Battle at Circuit Zolder

This Sunday 10th of June I we the GO FAST X-days at Circuit Zolder in Belgium. This event has no noise limit! There is a lot of interest for this great event. All topstuntdrivers from Europe are present and offcourse XD will provide Europe's finest drifters. Offcourse I will take part such an event with the Carperformance Skyline.

XTREME DRIFT @ X-DAYS Circuit Zolder :
Teams can enter paddock from Saturday morning 10 AM

FP = Free Practice
QUAL = Qualification
TAXI = Drift Taxi & free drifting

9u30 DRIVERS BRIEFING at the track!!!
10u10 VT JAPAN 1 (S13 – S14 – S15 – 350Z – WRX) + 2 GERMAN CARS Roel Bongaerts en Marc van Ocken
10u20 VT JAPAN 2 (Skyline – AE86 – Supra)
10u40 VT JAPAN 1
10u50 VT JAPAN 2
11u QUAL GERMAN CARS (1 warm up lap & 2 runs : best run counts)
11u30 QUAL JAPAN 1
12u00 QUAL JAPAN 2
12u40 TAXI JAPAN 1
12u50 TAXI JAPAN 2
13u presentation finalisten top 4 German vs top 4 Japanese cars

14u TAXI All cars (max 8 cars on track)
17u TAXI All cars (max 8 cars on track)
18u END

final entrylist

1.Jo Lammens, M Power BMW M3 (BE)
2.Peter van Geert, M Power BMW M3 (BE)
3.Pieter van Hoorick, M Power BMW M3 (BE)
4.Marc van Ocken, Driftschool BMW 325i (BE)
5.Vincent van Hamme M Power M3 (BEL)
6.Deborah Lopez, Fandango Nissan S15 (BE)
7.Joep de Kort, IMT Skyline (BE)
8.Jan Wouters, AVB Sports Nissan S13 (BE)
9.Ronald Moons, DriftdepartmentNissan S13 (BE)

10.Mike de Bruijn, Autozone BMW 328i (NL)
11.Tim Tatje, Autosportcompany BMW GTR 335i turbo (NL)
12.Berend van Berkel, Flexaforte BMW M3 (NL) (HUIDIGE NR 1 XD)
13.Kees Kok, Kok Transport BMW M3 (NL)
14.Marco Kok, Kok Transport BMW 325i (NL)
15.Roel Bongaerts, BMW M3 (NL)
16.Jack Dam, BMW M3 (NL)
17.Vincent Cramer Driftreport BMW 325i (NL)
18.Vernon Zwanenveld, Flexaforte AE86 (NL)
19.Jasper Spaan, Driftparts Nissan S13 (NL)
20.WJ Dijkstra, Nissan S13 RB25 (NL)
21.Olaf Commijs, Falken Nissan 350 Z (NL)
22.Jos Bruin, Profile Skyline (NL)
23.Leen Bruin, Profile Skyline (NL)
24.Lennard Wanders, Falken Skyline R34 (NL)
25.Bas Plugge, Grafix Nissan S13 (NL)
26.Jancho van Abel, Driftcursus Subaru WRX (NL)

27.Miguel Marini, Toyota Supra (It)

28.Kenneth Moen, Skyline R34 (NO)

29.Shane O'healy, Nissan S15 (IRL)
30.Darren McManamara, Toyota AE86 (IRL)

United Kingdom
31.Julian Smith, Skyline R32 (UK)
32.Buttsy, Skyline R34 (UK)

dinsdag, juni 05, 2007

Results Autovisie Time Attack

Last Sunday Carperformance joined the Autovisie Time Attack with the IMT Skyline. Unfortunatly without the new injectors so with 350 BHP and 1300 kg, I get me a new target:
2.00 sec instead of 1.55 sec per lap. We changed the set up; very agressive camber in the front and more caster + 3 degrees camber at the back which is normaly 0 degrees for drifting.

During the warm up the car felt very stabile and the new brakes were great with 2.05 as fastest time. We had some problems with the noise and also 7000 RPM was to much for the standard injectors, so we put the ref limiter on 6250 RPM. Actually very funny, organising a Time Attack and politcial Netherlands puts the max DBa at 89! Anyway, the solution was to lift the gas a few seconds after the turn "Bos uit". I won 3 seconds at the turn "Scheivlak", but lost 4 seconds at the straight at start-finish, so a 2.06 was the maximum. This results means the 10th place in the most competive division called Pro non Street and we were quit happy.

There was also drifting for NL Invitationals. A fifth place in qualification, an easy battle in the 1/4 final, some damage at the car because a drifter hit me during the warm-up lap in the 1/2 final and funny enough no chance to battle against Kees Kok for the 3rd place. The organisation decided to give Kees Kok the 3rd place. Anyway, the Time Attack was great and the drifting was a nice extra.

We had good fun, the crowd and the press loved the IMT Skyline, lot's of new contacts and 4 potential new sponsors and also very important, the car is getting better and better, had become very reliable, so we are ready for probaly one of the best driftevents this year, the Japan vs. Germany battle at Zolder during the GO FAST X-days at the 10th of June.