maandag, juni 11, 2007

Again bad luck!

And again I had bad luck. Last weekend during the drifting at Autovisie Time Attack the organisation decided to give the third place away, instead of let me drift the Battle for Third and this time the judges made a mistake and give me 86 points instead of the well deserved 96 points! After the Japan vs. Germany the judges appoligised for the mistake, but offcourse to late and I had invited some interested sponsors.

On Saturday the bearings were gone in the red Carperformance Skyline and lucky enough Carperformance worked the whole evening at the green Stickerland Skyline, so I was capable to drift the Stickerland Skyline with the injectors from the Carperformance Skyline. Anyway, for the Battle of 32 I won the first battle from Berend van Berkel. For the 1/8 finale I had to battle with Kees Kok, but the engine was running on 5 cylinders, so I had to back off. A pity, because Kees never won from me.......

The event was great, super track, fantastic show by the foreign drifters from Pro Drift, a big crowd and very nice atmosphere. At the end of the day I did about 20 drifttaxi tickets and also 2 young kids, which was really good fun. It's great to bring so much happyness with my hobby!

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