donderdag, mei 17, 2007

Ready for Tuner GP 2007

Next weekend will be a busy one! On Friday 25 th of May the driftschool with 24 students and after the driftschool at Circuit Zolder straight to Hockenheim for the show and shine driftchallenge at Hockenheim on Saturday the 26th. It will be my first time overthere and what I heard about it is not much tracktime, a big crowd and a friendly atmosphere. We will see!

A lot of Xtreme Drifters will go a well and also a lot of Pro Drifters.

The full list of drifters:

Pro Drift round 1:
BE Joep de Kort
IE Darren McNamara
UK Julian Smith
NO Kenneth Moen
IE Shane Healy
IE Alan Lenihan
PL Maciej Polody
IE Derek Butler
IT Miguel Marini
IE Eric O Sullivan
IE Damien Mulvey
BE Deborah Lopez
NL Lennard Wander
FR Tony Jouin
NL Olaf Commijs

NL Mike de Bruijn
NL Tim Tatje
NL Kees Kok
NL Bas Plugge
CH Andreas Distel
LU Yves Faber
NL Remmo Niezen

NL Paul Vlasblom

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