maandag, mei 28, 2007

report Tuner GP

Fridaynight 02.00 a.m
I'm sleeping in a Hotel in Hockenheim, arranged everything for this event, took 2 days off, invited sponsors, friend and family, but 1 simple telephone call changed everything, because the couldn't load the car. I'm awake at 0600 a.m and wondering myself, I'm dreaming? I call Carperformance and indeed, the car is not loaded. What can I say or do?

Anyway, the event......a big crowd and a nice location, that's it, the rest was really bad.

the top 16 had 12 Xtreme Drifters and in the 1/4 final, XD had 6 drifters and the winner is Remmo Niezen, so at the end as a promotor I'm very proud, but as a drifter I'm very very dissapointed.

I have to focus myself on 3rd of June for the Time Attack and Drift Event at Zandvoort and offcourse the Japan vs. Germany Battle at 10th of June during the X-days at Circuit Zolder.

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